HomeLead is an App that helps homeless people find a fit shelter easily.


It was a Creative Swarm design challenge held by SIC. Seattle is facing the homelessness problem, and our team was assigned the challenge: Create a solution that optimizes the usage of all local family shelter organizations to ensure no shelter bed goes unused during the cold winter months.


We created a mobile application where homeless people could find the shelters that fit their identities and preferences easily.

Quick Facts

Outcome:Our team made through the final and won the People's Choice Award.

My Roles: UX/UI Designer
In person interviews, researches, problem define, ideation, brainstorming, storytelling, wireframing, UI design.

Raven Kelly Smith | UI Designer
Drew Stone | PM
New Story | We are storytellers.
Kris Brillantes
Adithya Das

Time:Nov.3 - 4, 2015 & Jun. 2016

Interface mockup and presentation poster


Design process


We interviewed Mary's Place volunteers, read articles about homelessness, and did online research to understand homeless people's mindset, the reasons for becoming homeless, current shelter system and so on.

Design process - empathize

Design process - empathize

Design process - define


Design process - ideate

Design process - ideate

Design process - ideate

Design process - storyboard


Design process - prototype

Design process - prototype

Design process - presentation


May.26 - Jun.10, 2016, I restart working on this project with other two classmates - Kris and Adithya. We improved it to a new level from a new angle. In HomeLead 2.0, we aimed to simplify the process of shelter matching for homeless people by designing a mobile app for them.

Key Findings

This time we regarded homeless people as our target user, and did research to learn their pain points and needs. We got the following key findings:

• More than 60% of the homeless use smartphones.
• The homeless people living in King county use 2-1-1 toll free number and website to set appointments to find shelters, however, it's not guaranteed.
• The fear of unknown made many homeless people refuse to live in shelters.


We designed a mobile app and came up with a poster for presentation.

Design process - wireframes


Design process - presentation

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