Redfin Last Call Email

This was the first project I did at Redfin. I redesigned the Last Call email for three scenarios.


When a listing agent gets an offer in hand, the Last Call email lets the agent advertise that to potential buyers, in order to get more offers before the offer review date. However, the design is dated, and doesn't look great on mobile.


My task was to design a mobile-friendly version of the email following Redfin's latest design guideline and drive more conversion.

Quick Facts

My Roles: UX/UI Designer
I was the designer for this project. The following are my direct contributions:
• Redesign the emails
• Conduct user tests
• Write the specs

George (PM)
Drew (Dev)

Time:Jun. - Jul. 2017

Three mobile-friendly emails


Design process


Read the spec document, talk to PM, evaluate the old design, get familiar with the new UI style guide.

old design


About the target audience: potential buyers who have favorited a specific home and viewed the home at least 3 time, but haven't take an action on it.

The goals of the Last Call Email: 1) provide potential buyers with more up-to-the-minute data; 2) give our agents more listing consult tools; 3) wow our sellers with the potential to create bidding wars; 4) continue pushing our own boundaries by capitalizing on our wealth of data.

Scenarios: 1) Receive an offer; 2) Offer deadline is approaching; 3) Listing expiration (when a home is about to go off the market, we send this email as a last-ditch effort to get an offer from a potential buyer.)


How to drive a sense of emergency to the potential buyers through the email and facilitate the conversion?
My focus will be on the content prioritization, making clear CTA and differentiating three scenarios.


Content Prioritization

Content prioritization

How to differentiate three scenarios?

Three scenario

What agent location should we display?

Agent location


My test goals:
1) Is the theme of each email clear? Do people know what the email is for?
2) Is the CTA clear?
3) How do people think about the agent location?

Design Critique
Fit to the design ecosystem

Agent location

Major Learnings

1. We have the technology to recommend local agents based on the buyer's target market, but they don't necessarily know it;
2. I'ts not helpful to just show a city name, instead, we should show the neighborhood that the agent is in charge, but only show the one where the house is located;
3. Let buyers know the agent is the expert of this area, knowing well about the market.

Agent location


Agent location

1. Keep consistent in a big ecosystem. Remember to think about how to fit new design to current design system when you create any new elements.
2. Constraints drive creativity. Most of the companies have established design guideline, and they have built all the elements. Looks like you don't have the freedom to create new stuff, however, it actually means you can focus more on figuring out excellent UX solutions.
3. Always reach out to PM early.

Thank you! ^___^