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I've been working with two Amazon employees on this project for four months. I'll update the details later.

Quick Facts

My Roles: UX/UI Designer
Ideation, brainstorming, wireframing, iteration, interaction design, UI design.

One PM
One Developer

Time:May. 2016 - Now

High-fidelity interfaces and storyboard


Getting the whole picture of this project --> Coming up with main features and main workflow --> Drawing wireframe for six main screen --> Brainstorming, ideating and drawing the whole detailed flowcharts --> Drawing all wireframes on Sketch following the flowcharts --> Choosing color scheme and setting up a style guideline --> Crafting mid-fi and hi-fi interfaces

As the only designer, I work with a PM and a developer; both of them are working at Amazon. We met once a week. Usually I presented my design to them, and they critiqued, then we discussed features, requirements, priorities, use cases, business goals and so on. Meanwhile I took notes for improvements and tasks for next week. Then I refined current parts and designed new parts for the next meeting. In this way, I helped them to finish the whole flowcharts and wireframes. And I’m currently working on making a style guideline and the interface design.

FlowchartsDetailed flowcharts

WireframesWireframes - Version 3

InterfacesInterfaces (Under construction)

I've been learning a lot in this team. I will update the details when it's released.

Thank you! ^___^