Fauxmage is a newly established vegan cheese producer in Seattle, WA. We helped them to come up with a content strategy and website redesign, to increase web traffic and reduce bounce rate.


Fauxmage.net is the primary interface for the brand, however, it lacks an effective SEO strategy and a clear call-to-action. There is a gap between what Fauxmage site offers and what the target consumers expect to receive from visiting the site.


Our mission was to help Fauxmage to define the problem of the website, and reap the maximum potential of the site, and further increase web traffic and reduce the bounce rate for new and returning customers.

Quick Facts

My Roles: UX/UI DesignerUX/UI Designer
I was the designer in this team. We went through the whole process together. The following are my direct contributions:
• Conduct competitive analysis, content audit and survey
• Create a persona
• Draw a user journey map
• Make information architecture and content prioritization
• Create wireframes and high-fidelity interfaces on Sketch 3

Kris Brillantes
Adithya Das
Viola Lee
Cara D'Amato

Time:Jan. - Mar. 2016

Content strategy plan
Website redesign mockups


Design process


Fauxmage uses cashew, garlic, lemon juice in their every kind of vegan cheese. Cashew is the base of their vegan cheese, just like research for the project.


Competitive Analysis: To have a overview of what competitors are doing and learn from their strengths and weakness, we discovered two primary competitors: Kite Hill and Miyoko's Creamery, both California-based.

Content Audit Analysis: To understand what is currently working well on their website and what could be changed, we listed an inventory of all side elements and counted the quantity of each element.

Google Analytics: To learn how users are currently interacting with the site by observing user flows, average session duration, bounce rate and so on.

User Research: To understand our audience's demographics, attitudes towards vegan products and opinions about Fauxmage website, we conducted research on Google Forms as well as 5 Second Test. We received 31 responses.

Design process

Research Findings

We made a persona and a user journey map based on our research findings.


Journey Map

These research helped us have a thorough understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of Fauxmage and its competitors, the features and needs of its target customers and come up with the Insights:

The Fauxmage website will provide a compelling, informative platform for those looking to further their healthy lifestyle to choose a product they can feel a connection to and easily purchase either in stores or online.

• Prove customers that vegan cheese is delicious by using high-quality images and testimonials.
• Visualize current store location information.
• More detailed information on "Our Cheese" page.


We came up with Core Strategy, Content Prioritization, Editorial Strategy and Key Messaging to provide the owners of Fauxmage with suggestions to improve their website.

Core Strategy :
The Fauxmage website will provide a compelling, informative platform for those looking to further their healthy lifestyle to choose a product they can feel a connection to and easily purchase either in stores or online.

Content Prioritization :
We arranged the content of the website with a "mobile first" mindset, thinking about what the top five contents that users should see when they visit the website on a mobile phone screen. By this way, we don't miss the most important messages and could expand other information surrounding the five contents on laptop.

Editorial Strategy :
Each brand has its own personality, just as individuals like you and me. The "voice" and "tone" of a website are integral parts for a brand.

Voice: A friendly foodie who encourages you to learn more about and purchase a healthy cheese alternative.
Tone: Inviting, knowledgeable, refined, transparent.


I redesigned the homepage and several details of other pages.

Homepage Redesign

The original design used the photo of a kid, which is friendly, but this picture and the cheese picture couldn't well visually express the deliciousness of their vegan cheese. Everything looks very random.

Many participants didn't have a good impression of vegan cheese just based on their guess and 93% of the participants regarded taste as the most important factor.

Thus, we want to build a good impression for them at the first sight. I put high-quality image and social media feedbacks as testimonials on the homepage to firstly attract their eyes and try to let them have the feeling of "Oh, it looks delicious!"

Homepage Redesign

"Our Cheese" Page Redesign

The original design accompanied the description of every flavor with their brand mark, which is tasteless when reading.

Survey participants ranked taste, price and ingredients as the top three factors for purchasing.

Therefore, we changed the way to display cheese picture and added more details such as How to eat it, and price in the description, so that users could thoroughly learn the details of different cheese on this page.

Our Cheese Redesign

"Where to Buy" Page Redesign

The original design just listed all the locations with plain text, and grouped them by different areas. Additionally they didn't arrange the areas in a proper order.

According to the research, 21.7% of the participants felt hard to get location information on their website.

Therefore, we decided to make a better visualization of location information by adopting the combination of a map and a searching bar.

Where to Buy Redesign

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