HappyHour is an App that frees organizers from racking their brains finding event venue and meanwhile make transportation easier for attendees, especially those who don't own cars.


Organizing an event that satisfies attendees is sometimes challenging for organizers. As part of my interview design challenge, my task was to create a digital service that makes event coordination convenient and comfortable, meanwhile provides individual assistance for attendees of a group social event.


I explored problems that people are facing and various event planning solutions, eventually came up with HappyHour, a mobile application focusing on venue selection and transportation recommendations for event organizing. This is an independent project and involves user research, user flow, wireframes and high-fidelity UI completed in 5 days.

Quick Facts

My Roles: UX/UI Designer
• Conduct in-person interviews
• Define the problem
• Ideate features and workflow
• Create wireframes and high-fidelity interfaces following Material Design on Sketch 3
• Create a storyboard to explain the user flow

Independent project

Time:Feb. 2016 (1 week)

High-fidelity interfaces and storyboard


Design process


I started off this project by researching how do event organizers hold an event. I interviewed with 5 graduate and undergraduate students.

This helped me:
• uncover the pain points of organizers and attendees
• come up with potential features to target for them

Design process - research
Design process - research
Design process - research

Key Findings

1. Only a platform to inform your friends, not good for organizing the details
2. Hard to make sure the availability
3. Lack of sense of participation for attendees during organizing phase
4. Need to invest a specific time to discuss or reply information back and forth, which is distracting

Design process - personas


Based on user pain points, importance and time limitation, I defined the problem as:

How to help event organizers to easily choose a venue that is convenient for everyone?

Design insights

After synthesizing the research findings, I noticed that in order to provide assistance to both organizers and attendees, I should...

• make venue selection easier for organizers
• figure out a way to provide convenient and cheap transportation, because it covers two important factors for venue selection: transportation and budget.


We listed out all the features based on our design insights, and divided them into several groups according to their logical relations, then organized them by work flows, at the end picked out three of them by priority.

Design process - ideate

Design process - ideate


I drew the paper prototypes following the workflow that chained the main features together, which helped me to clear the interactions and potential use case, as well as to iterate the idea and interfaces.

Design process - prototype and test

Design process - prototype and test


I designed all the interfaces one night using Material Design Guideline.

Design process - use case

Design process - use case

Sending out surveys

I made the feature of "Sending out surveys" to gather attendees' departure locations, transportation methods and anonymous budget.

According to my interviews, transportation and price are the most important factors for venue selection. However, some questions relevant to budget are hard to ask for organizers and "arranging transportation for everyone is overwhelming". Therefore, I aimed to gather these information in this stage.

Design process - use case

Design process - use case

Generate a venue

Many organizers mentioned that they wanted to choose a venue that satisfied everyone, however, that was not easy. Thus, I went a step further from last feature. After organizers receive all the survey feedbacks, they could click "Generate a venue", then they would see a map that shows the departure location of every attendee.

The organizer searches for a type of venue, the map would only show the venues based on attendees' departure locations within their budget, which dramatically narrows down the range and liberates organizers from dealing with a lot of information and sensitive questions, and meanwhile helps them choose venues easily.

Design process - use case

Design process - use case

Design process - use case

Add more venues

After selecting the first venue, organizers could keep searching for the next venue based on the selected venues. It's quite common that friends hanging out for a group of events - dinner, movie, clubbing and so on. I added a notification about this function for first-time users. Since users heading to the second venue from the first venue where all of them are gathering, so the second venue will be generated based on the location of first venue.

Design process - use case

Design process - use case

Generate the routes

Transportation is a big problem for many attendees, especially university students who don't have cars. Thus I made a feature that provides attendees with routes and cheap transportations. When organizers click "Generate the routes", they will get routes showing convenient transportation methods for every attendee. I put "Share and Poll" function here to make sure organizers consider every attendee's opinion.

Screen Flows

Screen Flow

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